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Imagine if your back pain or stiff neck suddenly melted away. Imagine your painful back or neck being so flexible, strong and reliable that you never again suffer from:

  • That sudden twinge in your back or between your shoulder blades (disappears!)
  • That never-ending dull ache in your lower back (vanishes!)
  • Those frightening back spasms (nothing else gets rid of your spasms like this!)
  • Those aching, tight shoulders from sitting at your keyboard or desk all day (the tightness melts away almost like magic!)
  • That stiff neck which hurts whenever you turn your head (regain your side vision - start seeing out the back window of your car again!)

The Better Back Program consists of a comprehensive 100 page illustrated manual, plus a 40 minute DVD which vividly demonstrates the five easy-to-do special movements.

The manual also contains information about how to support your back recovery with proper hydration and strategies for joint stiffness.

The Better Back Program includes a personal exercise band which fits into your pocket or handbag so you can take it with you anywhere. No cumbersome Swiss balls, weights, magnetic doodads or other contraptions. Totally portable!

For less than the cost of a couple of visits to your chiropractor or massage therapist, we will supply you with a lifetime back and neck maintenance system which will erase your back pain and leave you smiling.

"Find Out More About Your Back Or Neck Pain!"

Just complete this fun, interesting quiz about back pain to find out whether the Better Back Program can eliminate your pain.

Success Stories

Merry Kay Kiyan Broke Her Back Surfing... She Is Now Back Swimming With 61 Pounds Gone Already

"I have been doing the twice-daily exercises of the Better Back Program for 7 months now, and I can honestly say that I feel and move like I used to. I am careful about the positions I use when I lift heavy loads, but it seems like the innate intelligence that my body used to have in regards to how to move fluidly has returned, like it has been retrained somehow."