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Resolution of Injury

Generally, an acute back injury will resolve after two to six weeks. Healing of soft tissues (muscles or ligaments) and bone follow the same general path as that of skin injuries.

Initially inflammation occurs, which brings healing substances to the area, followed by a repairing of the tissue which results in varying amounts of scar tissue being formed. As in a skin injury, the most painful period of healing is when inflammation is present, with pain decreasing as healing progresses.

But Pain Keeps Recurring …

Unfortunately, in the spinal area, the pain of the original injury can recur (in up to 80% of cases) without further obvious injury. So why does this happen?

The answer to this question can be quite complex, but in simple terms, the spine loses its active stability subsystem due to the injury, and this stability does not spontaneously return once the injury has resolved.

The problem starts with an initial injury to the spine, most often to soft tissue (muscles and ligaments), maybe to a joint or disc, or even to the vertebra itself. The pain of this injury leads us to change our lifestyle habits (consciously or subconsciously).

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